Why Help?

Why Help?

o At The Salvation Army Cornerstone Community Church we believe in the spirit of volunteerism. There is just something that comes from helping someone that you can’t get anywhere else.

o Locally, we see over 600 people come through our doors every month. This includes Community and Family Services programs, monthly joint programs and all those who need basic needs met.

o Because of faithful and willing volunteers, nationally, The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda was able to help 1.9 million people in 2015. Some more stats:

* 262,000 people were helped at Christmas with food hampers and toys.
* 85,000 people were visited in hospital, nursing home, prisons, daycare centres and other facilities.
* 154,000 meals were served in school breakfast programs.
* 3,900 children went to Salvation Army camps.
* 3.2 million free meals were served at shelters and in feeding programs.
* 136,300 people were helped in night patrol, rescue and suicide prevention.
* 5,850 shelter, addictions, detox and mental health beds provided.
* 4,800 people were helped when an emergency or natural disaster struck.
* 1,570 people completed addictions and rehabilitation programs.

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