Lts. Daniel and Bhreagh Rowe Daniel was born to Salvation Army Officer Parents and had the privilege of growing up from the east to west coasts of Canada. His path in life started off with at Trent University to become a History teacher but took a bit of a turn when he was diagnosed with sciatica and bed ridden for months. Daniel had to leave school and began wrestling with God and those tough questions. It became very clear to Daniel during this hard time that God was calling him to a different life – the life of an Officer. After lots of hard work Daniel got better, obtained his Human Resources Management certificate and started his path towards becoming a pastor in The Salvation Army. Bhreagh was raised in a small town in Nova Scotia where she lived her whole life. Nursing was what she felt drawn to so off she went to become a Registered Nurse and found herself really enjoying the work. She started going to The Salvation Army during her parents’ divorce and found herself in love with the place, the people and the mission. After learning more about The Salvation Army she began to feel like maybe she was made to do something else with her life. Officership became the plan but just one piece of the puzzle was missing. Daniel and Bhreagh were set up through a family member on Facebook and instantly started communicating and slowly (Daniel a little slower) started to fall in love. When they discovered God had them on the same path and planted that same call in their lives individually they knew it was something that wanted to do together. After working many things out Daniel and Bhreagh were married on July 7th 2012 and went off to The Salvation Army Training College (Seminary) in September 2012. After two years of training they were ordained and commissioned and sent off to Truro, Nova Scotia, for the first two years of their ministry. In Truro, the best thing happened to them and his name is Maverick. They welcomed their first son on May 11th 2015 and life has never been the same since. Daniel, Bhreagh, Maverick and their pug Lily arrived at Cornerstone in June of 2016 and have loved their new city, home and church ever since. Their second son, Asher Tiberius, joined the family on June 19th, 2017. They both have a deep passion for outreach and growing the kingdom and will do anything short of immoral or illegal activities to see this happen.

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