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When you come you can expect a couple of announcements, singing, prayer, reading the Bible and a sermon from one of the pastors. The type of songs we sing range from contemporary to older hymns. Through the music, the prayer and the sermon we try to make worship something that everyone can participate in fully. As a group of people we are multi-generational, multi-ethnic and in various stages of our faith journey. Whether you are a veteran believer or just exploring what Christianity is, you will be welcomed with open arms.

* How Early Should I Get there?

The service starts at 10:30. Most people arrive anywhere from 10:00 to 10:30.

* What should I wear?

We are a fairly informal group of people. You will find people in jeans, skirts, shorts, as well as suits and Salvation Army uniform year round. We believe what is on the inside of a person is of far more importance than what is worn on the outside. However, wearing something that is clean, tidy and not disrespectful will probably make you feel more at home.

* What about my kids?

Your children are always welcome. Every Sunday we offer Sunday School for kids ages 4-12, Youth Activities for young adults aged 13+. Also our nursery is always available for those who have younger children with the service audio available for listening.

* What do I need to know about Tithing & Giving?

Tithing is an expression of thanksgiving and offering as part of Worship. This helps with our ability to offer church ministry. If you are new to our church we do not expect you to tithe. For regular attenders you can tithe via the offering plate or you can set up direct deposit using a form. Please contact the pastor if you would like to receive a direct deposit form. If you would like to be receipted for your tithe please put in a tithe envelope. Direct Deposit tithes will have receipts sent to you.

* What if I want to learn more?

Come talk to one of our ministry team members. They will help direct you to a group that is on a similar spiritual quest. If you are interested in more information on The Salvation Army we offer membership classes twice a year (April and October). Also, twice a year, we have an informal light lunch where we let you know exactly who we are and some additional information you might find helpful.

New Here?

Find out how, where and when we worship. We hope to see you soon!!
3020 Vanderbilt Road, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5N 4W8
(905) 824-0450